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  • Leonardo da Vinci's instrument brought to life, the best flamenco dancer, a legendary tango pianist, the most charismatic voice in Portugal, a world premiere from France, the power of symphonic rock, and eternal classical masterpieces – these are but a few of the 40 desserts on offer at this year's Christopher Summer Festival! Choose your favourite from July 3 to August 28.
    Aside from the traditional organ, piano and musical picnic cycles, there will also be children's concerts. Special programmes have been arranged by the St Christopher Chamber Orchestra and the team from the Strazdanėlė early art education school.
    Young piano stars will shine during the Evening Piano Recitals, while this year especially many of the most prominent organ masters will be appearing as part of the Sacred Music Hours cycle.
    There's plenty of musical intrigue in store for you this summer, but most importantly, the Christopher Summer Festival is where you'll see and hear what the other concert seasons lack – a dose of music from all over the world and projects combining various styles to last you the whole year!